That Man Upon the Tree

(A poem by my son, Logan Paulgaard, written at the age of 15)

Always lusted.
Always craved.
Why harass we who are saved?

Why do they always try to draw us from
The centre of the universe:
Father, Spirit, Son?

Why do the problems of life slowly creep in?
‘Cause I can’t choose what’s right
I can’t seem to win,
In this bloody battle
Of life and sin.

Why is life a slippery slope,
That we should hang on,
to grasp and grope?
We came into this world so free and fair,
Why the world to give us cares?

Does it have to be this way?
Is this the price we’ll always pay?

That man upon the tree,
The price he paid to take the weight
Upon these heavy shoulders.
So that I, a sinner, would not be tied,
Weighed down by heavy boulder.

And thrown into the sea with nothing left,
Only to work and strive.
For my body, no sleep.
For my soul, no rest.
Only to shriek and cry.

That man is all I need,
He is my everything,
He’s good enough for me.
That man upon the tree,
That man is so amazing:
He died, in love,
To set me free!

By Logan Paulgaard, April 9, 2008

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