Church Workers Retreat Bible Study #2: Righteousness Gone Wrong, Righteousness Restored

A.  Opening Prayer

B.   Culture Scene Investigation – scene from “Terminator 3”

1.          What happened to Arnold’s character?

2.          What did Arnold’s character do as a result?

3.          What is the turning point in the scene?

4.          What happens as a result?

5.          Is there something in this scene that points us towards God? If so, what is it?

6.          Consider Psalm 103:1-14

C.  Crime Scene Investigation – Part I – The Crime

Read Luke 11:37-54

1.          Why was the Pharisee surprised that Jesus did not wash before the meal?

2.          Jesus responds to the Pharisee’s surprise with 3 warnings of impending grief (woe = great grief, trouble or distress).  What reasons does Jesus give for the future grief of the Pharisees?

a.     _________________________________________

b.     _________________________________________

c.     _________________________________________

3.          Is there one over-arching crime of which the Pharisees are guilty?

4.          One of the teachers of the lay (aka scribes) is insulted by what Jesus said to the Pharisees.  Jesus responds by giving the teachers of the law 3 warnings of impending trouble.  In your own words, what are the reasons that Jesus gives for the upcoming distress of the teachers of the law?

a.     _________________________________________

b.     _________________________________________

c.     _________________________________________

5.          From where is the future trouble for the Pharisees and the teachers of the law going to come?

6.          Is there one over-arching crime of which the teachers of the law are guilty?

7.          Could these two over-arching crime be summed up in one?  If so, what is that one major crime?

8.          Has this crime ever been committed against you?

9.          Have you ever committed this crime against someone else?

D.  Crime Scene Investigation – Part II – Jesus’ Remedy for the Crime (Righteousness Restored)

Read Luke 4:14-22

1.          What are the details of the good news that Jesus is both proclaiming and achieving?

a.     _________________________________________

b.     _________________________________________

c.     _________________________________________

d.     _________________________________________

2.          How did Jesus achieve that good news?

3.          How does Jesus free those imprisoned by the Pharisees and oppressed by the teachers of the law?

4.          How does Jesus free you when you are burdened by someone misusing the law against you?

5.          How does Jesus free you when the law justifiably accuses you of your sin?

E.   Small group time

1.          break into small groups of 3 people

2.          take turns answering the following questions

a.     Is there a time when someone gave you the law when you needed the gospel?

b.     What helped you through that time?

c.     What spiritual practices serve to remind you of the grace of Jesus Christ?

d.     Take time to pray for one another

F.   Large group time

1.          What spiritual practices help you to live each day in the forgiveness of Jesus Christ?

G.  Closing Prayer

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