John 4:27-42 – Resetting Our Priorities

Summary: Our priorities determine our path. But sometimes our priorities are off-course. Jesus resets our priorities with his love and sets us on a new path of greater joy as we join Jesus in doing our Father’s will and work.

Big Idea: Jesus resets our priorities to give us greater joy over doing greater things with him.

Ice-breaker question: Imagine that you observe two different lives side-by-side. One of those lives is strictly focused on experiencing joy in this life. The other is focused on the joy that will come when experience eternal life in all its fullness. What differences do you think that you would notice between the two lives?

 Read: John 4:27-42

Observation (What does the passage say?)

  1. What did the woman do after talking to Jesus? How did her priorities change after talking to Jesus? Why?
  2. What was Jesus response to the disciples when they urged him to eat?
  3. What is Jesus’ food?
  4. Whose words convinced the Samaritans to believe in Jesus?

Interpretation (What does the passage mean?)

  1. Why would doing his Father’s will and work be more important to Jesus than eating?
  2. Some commentators indicate that, in verse 36, the sower is God the Father and the reaper is Jesus. If Jesus is the reaper, what crop is he harvesting?
  3. Read 1 Timothy 2:4. How is Jesus doing his Father’s will and work by harvesting the crop indicated in verse 36?
  4. Jesus tells his disciples that they will also participate in the harvest. Why is it important that the disciples know that they will be harvesting what others have worked for?

Application (What does the passage mean to me personally?)

  1. Whose words have convinced you to believe in Jesus? What did they say that convinced you?
  2. What do you need to receive from Jesus to make joining him in gathering his harvest a greater priority for you?

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