No More Favourites

Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right. (Acts 10:34-35)

According to Peter’s religion, it was not lawful for him, a Jew, to associate with or visit a non-Jew. But now God was doing a new thing and this new beginning was entirely orchestrated by him. Through a vision, God gave specific directions to Cornelius, a Roman soldier who as a devout believer, to send for Peter. Through another vision, God prepared Peter to receive this request and agree to go visit Cornelius. And Peter saw that God was behind this new beginning when he heard the story of Cornelius’s vision and saw his faith, which Peter recognized as being the same as his own.

Man & boy in baseball cap by Nathan Anderson
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

This was when Peter realized that God does not show favoritism. All of us are in the same boat. All of us would be lost and condemned forever without God’s gracious intervention. But God the Father sent his Son, Jesus, to be the one perfect substitute for all people. Jesus willingly gave up his life to suffer and die on the cross to more than pay the full cost of forgiveness for all people. On the third day that followed, Jesus rose from the dead to defeat death for all people. The risen Jesus generously gives to all people his free gifts of salvation, forgiveness and eternal life.

God no longer has any favourites. You do not need to strive to please him or earn his favour. He already unconditionally loves and accepts you.

Your only challenge is to trust that this Good News is really true and that it applies to you. Your faith does not make it true. Your faith only helps you to receive what is already true.

Dear Jesus, thank you for being gracious to me and giving me new life. Help me to grasp how wide and long and high and deep your love for me is. Help me to rest in your love and share it with others. Amen.

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