1. Peace be with you;
    I achieve to that consequence, all of us believe that God whom we receive from our parent. Thue our right and wrong is from them. So, if we grow up with fanatical, then it would be very hard to see the truth. For instance, if we deal with one Jehovah’s witnesses whom born in that cult, and he is very fanatic about his cult and we know he has wrong faith but he will insist he is right. Therefore these sort of faiths are vain. Now this is my quetion and wanted to see how is your ablety.
    Somehow we know an angel appeared to Mary mother of Jesus. In there no one was eye witness to this event. Thirty years later Jesus mission started and He get Followers. So, then thirty years after Jesus was Crucified they wrote scripture. How did they knew about stry of an angel appeared to the Mary?


    1. The same way that I know that a mouse crawled into my Mom’s rubber boot when she was a little girl and she had been afraid of mice ever since. She told me about that event from her childhood a long time ago and until this moment I had never written it down before.


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