Bible Study – Life Shapes 6: Praying as a Way of Life (Mt. 6:9-13)

Summary: Sometimes our prayer life seems listless and empty. But God is inviting us to go deeper in our relationship with Him through prayer. As we walk with God, we experience the fullness of life that He wants to give to us through Jesus.

Big Idea: Using the prayer Jesus has given us, we can expand our prayers and grow in our walk with Him.

Opening Question: If you know someone for whom prayer is a big part of their life, what characteristics about that person stand out to you? 

Background: Matthew 6:5-18

  • Today’s passage is part of the Sermon on the Mount which is recorded for us in Matthew 5-7.
  • Jesus’ Sermon could be outlined in this way:
    • Who are we? God’s beloved & blessed representatives who radiate the light of His love into world surrounding us (Mt. 5:1-16)
    • What do we do? We follow the highest ethical standard of God’s Law because God’s Law is good and good for us. Our frequent failures are a reminder that we need a Saviour & it is His gracious forgiveness that we live. (Mt. 5:17-48)
    • How do we worship? When we give, pray and fast, we don’t do it to impress others or to try to gain God’s favour. We do it because we love God and He is our greatest treasure. So there is no need for us to worry when life is less than what we expect. There is no need for us to judge others when we think we are more than they are. We simply rest in God’s love for us and seek to share that love with others. (Mt. 6:1-7:6)
    • How do we live? We live in a relationship of simple trust with our loving God. He is always accessible to us and He only wants what is best for us. He is the foundation of our life and He will produce good fruit in our lives. (Mt. 7:7-29)


Read: Matthew 6:5-18


  1. In verse 5-8, Jesus gives us some do’s and don’t’s about prayer. What are some of the things that we should not do when we pray?


  1. What are some of the things that we should do when we pray?


  1. If we were to pray in the way that Jesus says we should not, what does that indicate about what is going on inside of us?


  1. If we pray in the way that Jesus says that we should, what does that indicate about what is going on inside of us?


  1. What does it mean to you to pray to God as your Father?



  1. What difference might it make to us to have direct access to God in heaven through prayer?



  1. Why is it important to be concerned about God’s name being kept holy?


  1. The concept of God’s Kingdom is not an easy one for us to describe because living under royal rule is not a significant part of our life like it was back in ancient times. How would you describe God’s Kingdom? Why is it important to us?


  1. Praying that God’s will be done is sometimes the hardest prayer to pray. Why is this so?


  1. When we pray for our daily bread, what are we asking God for? Who are we trusting in when we pray that prayer?



  1. How would you describe the forgiveness that God gives to us through Jesus?


  1. Why is it so hard for us to forgive others like God has forgiven us?



  1. How does God help us when we face temptation?



  1. What is an example of a situation where we would need protection from the evil one?


  1. What are some ways that you can grow in making prayer a way of life for you?



This Bible Study focuses on the same passage as the sermon on Feb 16/20 from Walnut Grove Lutheran Church, Langley BC.  It is based on A Passionate Life and The Passionate Church both by Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad. 


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