Day 1 – Being

Some of us are contemplatives. Spending time in quiet reflection with God is life-giving for us. Others of us are people of action. Give us something to do, we will get it done and enjoy great satisfaction when we check that item off our to-do list. To fully step into the rich full abundant life that Jesus wants to give us, we need both quiet time with God (being) and action. And there is a very important connection between these two things.

In the Bible, Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Our life with Jesus starts with and is nourished by being with him. He is the One who gives us the peace, strength, courage, comfort, joy and direction we need to go out and face the world to share Jesus’ love with others. But it all starts with Being.

My prayer for you is that Being with Jesus already is, or will become, an important part of your day. #RLC #Day1 #Being #redletterchallenge

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