Which god is our God?

Ra - the most important of the Ancient Egyptians gods
Ra - the most important of the Ancient Egyptians gods

Opening Prayer

In boxing or mixed martial arts, what does it mean when there is a title fight?  What does it mean for the winner?  The loser?

Read Exodus 6:28 – 7:7

The gods of Ancient Egypt and the ten plagues:

(for images and more info on the gods of Ancient Egypt click on:  Ancient Egyptian gods)

Sobek – the Nile god
Read Exodus 7:14-21
What happened to the Nile?

Khnum – a creator god and a god of the inundation (the annual flood of the Nile which deposited fertile silt in the farmland along the Nile)
Read Exodus 8:1-7
What came flooding out of the Nile?

Geb – god of the earth
Read Exodus 8:16-17
What came from the dirt?

Isis – a protective goddess who helps people in need and protects Pharaoh
Read Exodus 8:20-24
What poured into Pharaoh’s house?

Hathor – a protective goddess, also a goddess of love and joy, she is often portrayed as a woman with the ears of a cow and a headdress of horns
Read Exodus 9:1-7
What happened to the cows and other livestock of the Egyptians?

Bastet – a protective goddess portrayed as a woman with the head of a cat
Read Exodus 9:8-12
What happened to the Egyptians and their remaining animals?

Osiris – god of the dead, believed to have given the Egyptians barley
Read Exodus 9:13-26 (and esp. 31-32)
What happened to the Egyptians barley?

Shu – god of the air
Read Exodus 10:1-15, 18-20 (esp 13-15, 18-20)
What was carried into and out of the land of the Egyptians on the winds of the air?

Ra – the sun god and the most important god of the ancient Egyptians
Read Exodus 10:21-23
What happened to the light from the sun?

Horus – protector of the ruler of Egypt, the Pharaoh was the ‘living Horus’
Read Exodus 11:1-10
What happened to the Pharaoh’s firstborn son, heir to the throne?

Who won this title fight?
What was the result?
Are there battles like this taking place in the world around us?
Is there a battle like this going on inside of us?
Does God sometimes allow challenges to come into our lives to undercut the gods that we worship?

Read Exodus 20:1-2

Closing prayer

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