Her Beauty is Revealed When She Sings

The YouTube video of Susan Boyle’s performance on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show has become a viral phenomen.  A fellow pastor has made an excellent observation about this event and why it is so powerfully resonating with so many people.  And he makes a connection with another lady who is beautiful when she sings.  See “Think Again!”  at:

Hope for the Hapless, “Think Again!”


  1. Forgive me if I am wrong. However, is it not terribley wrong to make this site seem as if Susan herself is in on it? I’m rather certain God does not enjoy all of this fakeness. How shameful; however, I can not judge you! Not my job. Simply sad that anyone would exploit Susan using God name in vain. Very sad.


    1. This blog post redirects people to a post on another blog that speaks in more detail about Susan Boyle. I believe that that post is worthwhile and well-written and so, rather than emulate it, I pointed others to it. After seeing the previous comment, I checked the link and discovered that it no longer went directly to the post about Susan Boyle. I have corrected that. My apologies!


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