King’s Cross by Timothy Keller – Chapter 12 – The Ransom

Opening prayer

Read the italicized passages of Scripture in Chapter 12.


  1. What were the reasons that made it necessary that Jesus die?
  2. How was Jesus’ death going to be a ransom (140-141)?
  3. Timothy Keller writes, “…all life-changing love is substitutionary sacrifice” (141).  Explain how that is so.
  4. Describe how someone changed your life through sacrificial love.
  5. Why can’t evil simply be overlooked (143-144)?  Why must it be paid for?
  6. What did James and John miss when they asked to sit at Jesus’ right and left when he achieves his glory?  What lesson do we learn from this?
  7. How is worry an example of our own blindness (147)?  Can you give another example of our own blindness?
  8. Most people try influence society through power and control.  But God calls us to a different path (148).  What is that path?
  9. How is trying to live an unselfish life in order to gain a better outcome (even if those desired outcomes and God’s blessings and eternal life in heaven) actually being selfish (149-150)?
  10. How is grace the only way that we can truly live an unselfish life?

In closing, read the last paragraph of Chapter 12 (151-152).

Closing Prayer


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