Bible Study: Jesus is God’s Remedy for Our Guilt

Big Idea: Jesus is the only one who takes all of our sin, guilt and shame away from us

Read: John 1:29-34

Ice-breaker question: If you can think of a situation, please describe an event that happened over which someone felt immense remorse and/or guilt. What impact did that event have on that person over the long run? How did they cope with their guilt?

Observation (What does the passage say?)

1. How did John the Baptist describe Jesus?

2. Why was John baptizing with water?

3. What did John see descend upon Jesus?

4. What did that indicate to John about Jesus?

Interpretation (What does the passage mean?)

5. In what ways is Jesus the Lamb of God?

6. Why was it necessary for Jesus to take away the sin of the world?

7. Why couldn’t God simply release us from our guilt?

8. Why can’t we compensate for our own sin?

Application (What does the passage mean to me personally?)

9. Jesus has more than completely paid for all of your sin: past, present and future. What does that reality mean for you?

10. How can we frequently remind ourselves of the total forgiveness that we have in Jesus?

(This Bible study is part of the Gospel of John series at Walnut Grove Lutheran Church and fits with the message that was preached on September 3, 2017.)


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