I Know What Wealth Is

Dear Reader,

At some point in his life, my Dad, Purvis Paulgaard, wrote a note which no one else knew about until after he passed away on December 24, 2012. My Mom found it among his things. I am sharing it publicly in the hopes that it inspires and encourages others as it has inspired and encouraged me.

All the best, James

The original note handwritten by my Dad

I had a mother and a father who really loved each other, so I know what love is. I have worked hard to see five teenagers safely through their traumatic teen[s], so I know what satisfaction is. I have prayed. And my prayers have been answered so I know what faith is.

I have had by my side the gentlest, most considerate human being I have ever known, so I know what happiness is. And because I have known all these things, I know what wealth is.

Purvis Paulgaard

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