Day 7 – Pray Earnestly (Mt. 9:38)

Will Davis, author of “Pray Big,” says, “Somehow we’ve gotten the impression that true prayer requires big words, lengthy phrases, and choice theological terms.” …I’m not saying those prayers aren’t genuine, but sometimes they can do more harm than good. I think this sort of prayer can actually give a bad impression of what prayer is.

You see, at the heart of it all, we have a God who desires to have a relationship with us. Prayer is about being in relationship with God, and God wants you to be who you are. It’s not about coming to God with all the right words. It’s not about saying everything perfectly. It’s about talking, listening, and spending time with him. And we we spend time with him, he wants us to be who we are! He doesn’t want a fake version of who we think the world wants us to be. He wants you, with all your imperfections, to simply spend time with him and to grow closer to him. He wants you to tell him what’s on your mind.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 9:38 to pray earnestly. Prayer is such an important part of the Red Letter Challenge. Some of the Challenges will be easy; some will be difficult. i’m grateful that no matter how easy or hard the Challenge will be, God is always read to listen. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have on this earth, yet for many of us it is not a part of our regular daily routine.

It’s okay if you don’t know exactly how to pray or what to pray. Even Jesus’ disciples had to ask Jesus to teach them how to pray. God is glad when you come to him in prayer. Praying earnestly is the Challenge we are taking up today, but this discipline is truly meant to be a part of our lives every day. Continue to ask God boldly and specifically for the things you desire. The more you come to know him and spend time in prayer, the more you will find yourself praying for things that you want and that he wants.

(Source: Zach Zehnder, Red Letter Challenge, pp. 46-48)

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