The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller – Chp 7 – Singleness and Marriage

Opening Prayer

Ice Breaker

Resting in the Text:  Ephesians 5:18-33 (p. 19 of The Meaning of Marriage)

 Discussion Questions:

  1. Early in this chapter, Timothy Keller writes, “…single people cannot live their lives well as singles without a balanced, informed view of marriage” (192).   What results if a single person does not have a “balanced informed view of marriage”?
  2. Explain the meaning of the concept “overlap of the ages” (193). What are the implications of the “overlap of the ages” for our lives in general and marriage in particular?
  3. How does “[t]he Christian gospel and hope of the future kingdom… [de-idolize] marriage” (195)?
  4. What are some ways that the western church communicates the misguided view that single adults are somehow less than married adults (196-7)?
  5. How is human marriage a foreshadowing of the “…Real Marriage that our souls need and the Real Family our hearts were made for” (197-8)?
  6. How can “Gospel beliefs and experience” help us to have a deeper bond with the brothers and sisters in Christ in our faith community than with our family of origin (199-201)?
  7.  Why do Christians see singleness as good (201)?  Why do we also consider seeking marriage to also be good?
  8. What practical advice does Timothy Keller give to those who are seeking marriage (207- 217)?

As the discussion time comes to a close, read aloud the last two paragraphs on the chapter, beginning in the middle of page 217 with, “In fact, I would suggest something further….”

Closing Prayer Time

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