Bible Study – Psalm 109 – Silly Love Songs: Our Neediness for God’s Love

Summary: Given enough time, all of us will face challenges that are beyond our ability to meet and that’s when we cry out to God for help. But God wants something more for us in life than that. He invites us to live in continual confidence of His saving love for us. That begins by being aware of our own neediness.

Big Idea: Awareness of our own neediness is the starting point for becoming confident in God’s greatness.

Ice-breaker question: How would you define confidence and why is it important?

Background: Psalm 109 is like a case someone is making before a judge as they ask for judicial action in a situation that they are facing.

Read: Psalm 109:1-5, 16-20

1.What injustice is the writer of the Psalm (the Psalmist) asking God to rectify?

2. If you are willing, describe a time when someone did an injustice to you.

Read: Psalm 109:6-15

3. What action is the Psalmist asking God to take?

4. Have you ever wished for some similar things to happen to someone who was hurting you?

Read: Psalm 109:21-31

5. The Psalmist is not only asking for God to do something to his enemy, he is also asking God to do something for him. What is the Psalmist asking God to do for him?

6. The Psalmist then make the case for why he needs to be saved. What are some of the reasons he gives?

7. If you were to make a list of all the reasons why you need God to save you, what would you put on that list?

8. In verse 26, the Psalmist appeals to a particular quality of God as he asks God to save him. To which quality of God does he appeal?

9. Which qualities of God would you appeal as you ask God to save you?

10. In verses 30-31, the Psalmist praises God in advance of his requests being fulfilled because he is confident that God—based on who He is and what He does—will fulfill his requests. How would your prayers be different if, after making your prayer requests to God, you praised Him in advance because of your confidence in Him?

11. Our ultimate reason for confidence in God’s ability to save us is Jesus. What neediness of ours did Jesus address?

12. What characteristics or actions of Jesus help us to praise Him, even in times of great challenge or need, because we are confident that He will save us?


This Bible Study focuses on the same passage as the sermon on July 8/18 from Walnut Grove Lutheran Church, Langley BC.

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